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The very experienced crew that will fly STS-135 and the Atlantis for the final flight in the 30 years shuttle program. After their press conference they posed in the lobby of the auditorium before doing one-on-one interviews for the media.

On June 30, 2011, NASA began two days of briefings for the media at Johnson Space Center, Houston. On June 30 a detailed day by day walk-through of the mission, to be launched on July 8, an overview of the entire shuttle program (which ends with this mission) and extensive interviews with the four astronauts flying the final mission were held.

Less than 20 members of the media attended. About 1,500 are expected next week at Kennedy Space Center, Florida, for the final launch.

On Friday, July 1, 2011, the Johnson Space Center training simulators were thrown open to the media and the equipment was used a final time, and accredited media were taken for rides. “After July 1, these are museum pieces,” the media was told.

The mission briefings were sparsely attended. The networks and the local newspaper attended; so did some dot-coms. Even when the astronauts showed up (shown in photograph with NASA coordinator on far left) the numbers only swelled from less than 20 to about 50.


Though heavily guarded, Johnson Space Center is more like a college campus than a high tech space center. Built in the 1960s on land donated by Rice University, the employment future for most of the people working here is not robust .


The cafeteria has a Starbucks, lights that drift from one color to another and a perfect name. Welcome to The Starport Cafeteria at JSC.


JSC has lots of artifacts from the American space program, including the flight recorder and disks from the Shuttle Columbia, mission STS-107, which broke up over Texas. Above is the warning panal from the Apollo 13 capsule. When these lights lit up in April 1970, the famous words "Houston, we have a problem," were uttered. Apollo 13 returned to Earth safely after a harrowing journey around the Moon and back.

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